How Burnout Can Lead to Mental Breakdowns

The world is in upheaval with the COVID-19 pandemic as there has been a growing number of concerns about everyday life. This is creating an increase in daily stressors, life disruptions, work distractions, and major feelings of burnout. Due to this consistent and chronic state of fear, stress, and anxiety, mental health issues are becoming a major problem. 

Our daily activities, choices, and desires have been affected by overwhelming changes and an overload of information. We are in hyperdrive and are reeling from all of the modifications, the differing opinions, and the turmoil on a daily basis. We are experiencing extreme burnout at our jobs, in our communities, at home, and in our personal lives.

This daily anxiety, fear, and worry are stripping us of our positive energy, feelings of hope, and our familiar security. We are getting worn down, tired, and feeling bleak and hopeless about our future.

What is Burnout?

Burnout is commonly defined as chronic stress related to poor work or life practices that produce exhaustion. A type of burnout is referred to as overload when a person tries to take on too much and is overwhelmed by their workload. Regardless of the type of burnout a person is experiencing, it always negatively impacts their feelings about life and their job.

When a person has such negative emotions, it can impact their ability to enjoy their work or private life. This type of burnout leads to a state of chronic stress that can feel difficult to overcome. The impact of this mental exhaustion, if maintained over a long period of time, can lead to mental health issues.

What is a Mental Breakdown?

When someone suffers a mental breakdown, it can be caused by the same triggers and stress as burnout, but it will present in more serious ways. If a person suffers a nervous breakdown due to stress, it may be an underlying symptom of more serious mental health issues. Some of those many include depression, schizophrenia, or generalized anxiety disorders. 

Panic attacks are not mental breakdowns but a red flag that a person’s struggle with chronic stress or anxiety has become unbearable. More serious mental disorders like postpartum depression or schizophrenia can even manifest in psychotic episodes. These are all signs of extreme burnout that can eventually lead to a nervous breakdown.

Can Burnout Lead to Mental Breakdown?

If a person suffering from depression or anxiety chooses to soldier through stressful situations and emotions, it can lead to burnout and ultimately a mental breakdown. With the stress of COVID-19 and the changes created in our day-to-day lives, there are many who seem to be on the verge of a breakdown. It is displayed in hostility, anger, frustration, and an inability to effectively cope with these negative emotions.

Chronic stress that goes on for months or longer should be addressed with self-help relaxation techniques to prevent an escalation to mental health issues. When a person reaches a phase of burnout, they may be unable to complete their responsibilities at a job or at home. The inability to take care of day-to-day obligations will lead to increased stress and eventually to a mental breakdown.

Overcome Burnout or a Mental Breakdown with Professional Care

Life with its twists and turns will always have the capability of causing us stress, worry, and anxiety. COVID-19 has brought an added stressor to the mix, and there are many who feel the weight of burnout along with feelings of chronic strain and anxiety. Many who take the time to research self-help strategies can find some relief. 

For many others, daily stress and anxiety, as well as a global pandemic, can feel overwhelming and create feelings of burnout which can cause a mental breakdown. There is hope and help for you at OC Specialty Health & Hospitals. Call today at 949-900-8426 or 877-467-2223 for a treatment plan specifically designed for your needs.

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